The Death Watch [Death]

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    The Death Watch

    The Death Watch is the forefront of battle and leading research to ensure victory throughout the galaxy!


    Semaphorism - 1st Fleet admiral & Leader of the faction


    Before the great planet bombardment, leaving almost all planets uninhabitable, the TDW was nothing more than a small group of contractors mostly doing escort contracts. After the great bombardment, leaders of the TDW immediately invested heavily into research and development to ensure safety against the rising threat of enemies throughout the galaxy.

    Since the event, TDW has been building more and more military, research, and habitation stations to house civilians safely. The TDW habitation stations are the forefront of civilian protection, on the side TDW has began massive projects such as terraforming previously uninhabitable planets to be the new place for humanity to thrive. These large projects however, are being slowed down to allocate more resources to fighting the ever growing number of enemy factions.

    Join requirements

    • play the game
    • Specific ship colors

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