The start of the TF-CI war.

  • The cruisers burn.
    They burn with the intensity of a thousand suns as they fall to the earth.
    Thirty thousand are already dead, and it has been merely three hours.
    In three hours, a tiny border dispute has erupted into war.
    In three hours, ten capital ships, thirty thousand, were killed.
    And yet it continues.
    Five minutes after meeting each other,
    They fought.
    And merely three hours later, the wrecks of Federation dreadnoughts and battlecruisers litter the planets surface, their shattered hulls markers of what must soon be the most destructive war the galaxy has ever seen.
    -Unknown Federation citizen, at the start of the Federation-Chimera war.

    The first hours of the TF-CI war were a absolute disaster.

    Over a dozen Federation capital ships were annihilated, swarmed by destroyers one by one and brutally beaten and clubbed to death.

    Countless more, lost in the most heated battles the Federation had ever seen.
    Broken battlecruisers, hulls blown open like tin cans when their reactors went,
    fell to the earth, burning and thrashing in their final death throes.
    High Command had been startled to see a page of losses, nearly all capital ships.

    In three hours, The Federation had been punched in the face, 14 times over.

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