NaValPunk [NVP]

  • Navalpunk
    Navalpunk (NVP) is one of the leading faction in protection,civilian habitation,and research in the Archaus cluster
    Enders_sky,Chairman and Fleet Commander
    Verfolgen_Xephos,Second Chairman and Administration
    Before the Great Bombardment,Navalpunk originated from a major industrial corporation located in the home system,in the wake of the civil war,Navalpunk was awarded hundreds of defence contracts from the home planets,which in turn led Navalpunk on being one of the biggest industrial corporation,and the supplier of the Home System Fleet,in turn of this,the Ceo`s secretly build thousands of arks and refugee ships with the spare money

    In the Great Bombardment Navalpunk was one of the key factors on how most population survived the bombardment,the arks they build rushed on worlds that are going to be bombarded,and evacuated its citizen out of the planet

    After the Great Bombardment Navalpunk slowly turns into a nation,with its leaders Reforming themselves as national goverments,the creation of hundreds of orbital habitats,its surviving powerful orbital industry,and its powerful navy,it becomes one of the Neutral developed nation in the cluster,with a principle of neutrality and liberty,Navalpunk led one of the greatest effort on recreating,the lost home of man

    Join Requirements
    Be kind,be chill,and play the game :3

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