Quintet (QNT)

  • Quintet
    Quintet is a neutral nomadic alliance, that specialises in logistics and research.

    N/A we do not feature a leadership as we are an alliance.

    Just so you know Quintet is a neutral alliance, not a faction. Each person operates as their own group, they only help each other if we need. As such they did not own a navy in the beginning.

    2103: Quintet began as a few people who each wanted to be apart of a group but not under rule of any other person, so our grouping mechanism was made. Each person may be apart of Quintet and not under any influence unless wished, they also are able to aid other people in the alliance if they wish.

    2113: As time went on Quintet was still the same group, with other factions rising and becoming rich and we were still independent we began to invest in research stations, and logistics bases.

    2149: As time went on we slowly gained funding yet we were still off other peoples radar, we had slowly grown and had a hand on a few sides of the galaxy. But on one side of the galaxy a small faction noticed us. They would become our greatest threat in the years to come.

    2153: One of the original founders of Quintet, Exalliburr proposed a few amendments to the original agreement. “In the prospect of safety, if a parties station is under attack all other parties must assist them immediately”. It was accepted.

    2172: Out of the blue a member Epsilon (not a player) began constructing a large shipyard that would become known as Port Epsilon but that is a story for another day. The sudden construction of such a large station in such a strategic location began worrying the other groups.

    2174: Epsilon was finished and a year later that group had a naval fleet built. This sudden change alerted Exalliburr, he was the first to react. His logistics stations and research stations had already developed very powerful weapons and shields to match. Aswell the logistics department realised that before long, their capital Pinnacle would be attacked due to multiple of Epsilon’s ships being armed and ready for battle and grouping into places that would stop Pinnacle from being supplied. Another company is brought onto the field to construct ships for Exalliburr’s fleet.

    2175: Massive war erupts in the Alliance, a border drawn between Quintet and the new split group Greek. Millions of units of ore has been used in the construction and destruction of ships and yet it continues.

    2183: Epsilon dies and Greek is disbanded as the remaining members of the splinter group flee. Epsilon’s shipyard is captured by Quintet and named Port Epsilon.

    2184: Quintet continues its old ways but with a navy built.

    Join Requirements
    Play the game obviously.
    Pass a test (performed by Exalliburr)
    And have your ships match your groups colours.

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