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    Welcome to The Federation! We Grow our ranks every day and preserve peace throughout the Eti Sector. We Mentor Captains lost in space and nurture them to create their own Path and Destiny or be Absorbed into our ranks. We Overwatch the weak and provide protection, advice, and resources when needed, and take our monetary compensation in the form of Resources to provide a Constant method of Guardianship.


    Owner_Username -SirPerson772
    GarvinReznov - 1st Fleet admiral
    N/A - 2nd Fleet admiral
    N/A - Faction recruiter


    The founding group of the Federation was a remnant Republic fleet that escaped from this planets destruction, a Major forge planet, an ecumenopolis, Andora, controlled by the United Republic, a hyperpower in a different galaxy, completely destroyed in an immense war. Those that remain today are either Survivors or newly Recruited Federation Captains, Though disconnected from other Federation Presence it could be assumed that this is the last fleet of the Republic

    Join requirements

    • Active
    • Suitable Peacekeeper
    • Suitable Emissaries
    • Loyal and Obedient

    Ship Customization Scheme

    • Black and White
    • Crimson Red and Dark Grey

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